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Live-in care vs care home

Updated: Jul 15

Most people would rather stay at the familiar surrounding of their own home when they grow older. Independent living is often viable even when a high level of care is needed because the necessary help can be provided in the form of live in care services.

If you are deciding between home care or live-in care for your loved one, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Benefits of live-in care

Although elderly people enjoy being part of a community, many are happier in their own space. In staying at home, your loved one will remain as independent as possible, even if they require a high level of care. Independence is really important to elderly people, because they are free to make their own choices and follow their daily schedule at their own pace. That’s not always possible at a care home, despite the high level of care patients receive.

More importantly, if you opt for live in care services for your loved one, they will be surrounded by familiar objects, people and memories, and will also keep enjoying the companionship of their pets.

One of the most important benefits of live-in care services is that you can customise the kind of support you’d want for your loved one by taking into account their medical and other needs as well as how they’d like to live their lives.

Last but not least, live-in care means one-to-one support, since in most cases there’s only one person to care for and this can have a positive impact on your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

Benefits of a care home

Care homes are ideal for people who are very social and enjoy spending their time with other people. Another advantage is that care homes are very secure so you can rest assured that your elderly loved one is safe. Care homes also have all the equipment needed to provide specialised care (i.e. for patients with dementia).

Moreover, care homes will leave you with hardly any practical worries, since most of your loved one’s choices will be made for them, which can make day-to-day care smooth and predictable for them.

Finally, if you decide to move your loved one into a care home, all fees are inclusive, which will make financial organisation much easier for you.

You can count on us

At Country Cousins, we are here to help if you’re thinking about live-in care arrangements for a loved one. To find out more about live in care costs and how our compassionate live in carers could support you and your family, then contact us here.

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