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Benefits of using live-in care

Updated: May 15

Though there’s no doubt that care homes have an important place in the care world, there are some instances where live in care arrangements are preferable.

To help you understand whether you or your loved one would benefit from a live in carer, we have come up with a list of benefits that come with using live in care services.

Staying at home

On top of needing care, the thought of having to move out of the family home can cause extra stress on your elderly parents or loved ones. A person’s home holds many personal items and fond memories that are difficult to give up. Moreover, the familiarity of their personal space and surroundings is beneficial to your loved ones’ well-being, since it helps them retain their independence. Live in care means that your loved ones can stay in the comfort of their own home and maintain relationships and family life, while still profiting from professional, high-quality care support.

Round-the-clock care

Live-in care means continuous care for your loved one. Compared to living in a care home, having a live in carer provides your loved one with one-on-one assistance, and ensures that they are always available to them. At Country Cousins, our carers provide a patient, personal and consistent care service to make your loved one feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

A cost-effective service

Contrary to popular belief, live in care is a very economical option. For the similar price of a space within a care home, you can have a bespoke home service, which is designed for the healthcare, social and emotional needs of your loved one. If you are seeking live in care arrangements for both of your parents, a live in carer is a significantly cheaper alternative to a care home. Not to mention that your parents will continue living as partners without having to change their daily routines.

Want to learn more about the benefits of care at home? Get in touch with us today for further advice and resources to help you make an informed decision.

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