Careers with Country Cousins

For over 58 years our team of dedicated Cousins, as we call our carers, has provided companionship, comfort and hands-on support when it matters most. 

We handpick individuals who are compassionate and capable of delivering a wide range of home care services, who can also demonstrate that they can be trusted to bond quickly with clients and fit effortlessly into their home life and routine.

Country Cousins Carer Recruitment 0800 542 0676

In order to become a Cousin, you need a passion for caring. To you, this isn’t just a live-in care job it’s a vocation. As a self-employed care worker, you must have an enthusiasm for helping others, one that motivated you to apply to register with Country Cousins in the first place.

Not only must you be a competent carer, you need to be a homemaker and comfortable in the kitchen. You should be able to fit in effortlessly with the client’s home life and have an excellent disposition, as well as the ability to become a friend and companion to those who share your client’s life.

Overall, you will need to have the ability to be flexible and to adapt to the ever-changing needs of every client and their loved ones. 

You may be called upon to provide Alzheimer’s or dementia care and quite often you will need to work alongside other care agencies or medical professionals including Marie Curie, Macmillan and District Nurses. If your client has a disability, you will need to understand the impact of that issue and how you provide the support most appropriate for their needs.

Interested In Being a Self-Employed Carer? 

If you are interested in registering with the most well established and exclusive care agencies in the UK, you need to demonstrate all of these attributes during our rigorous recruitment process. In addition to this, you need to be happy with the following:

  • All Cousins are self-employed and responsible for their own tax and NI contributions. You will need to demonstrate registration with HMRC.
  • You will be responsible for your own training and for ensuring you keep your certificates up to date. You also need to keep in touch with any relevant issues and additional training that may be pertinent to your role.
  • The client and/or their representative – not Country Cousins, will employ you. They will direct you with regards to the care required for themselves (or their loved one).
  • As a carefully selected Cousin, you will have been matched with both a prospective client’s needs and nature. Once this matching process has taken place, the onus is very much on you to secure the assignment. This will depend on your own ability to ‘sell yourself’ during that initial call. Remember, it is the client or representative’s choice if they employ you and whether the assignment goes ahead.
  • All Cousins hold their own portfolio of experience, training certificates and professional references that they are required to take to every assignment. You will need to be organised and to ensure that this is available and well presented at all times.
  • You are the face of Country Cousins. Not only will you have to demonstrate your interpersonal skills at interview, but also this will have to carry through to your interaction with every client and their family.

Should you wish to apply for a private live-in care job with Country Cousins, please call our dedicated recruitment team on 0808 250 3295 or complete our carer enquiry form and we'll be in touch.

To request home care from Country Cousins, call us on 0800 542 0676 or request a call back from our dedicated team of advisors.

  • A great blessing to us

    On behalf of my brother and myself, and indeed all our family, I should like to record the debt we owe the Country Cousins who came to care for both our parents over the past 2 years. Without the help of Country Cousins, Mum and Dad could not have stayed in their own home and this they so dearly wished to do, it was a great blessing to us all that this became a reality.

  • Very professional and extremely caring

    I would like to say that the Country Cousins, who cared for my wife until she died, were very professional and extremely caring and kind during the time they were here. I would like to say thank you, at Country Cousins, for sending them in our time of need.

  • Enjoyed Country Cousins support

    I have now enjoyed the support of your Country Cousins and I would like you to know that of 6 1/2 years of having to need care, these two ladies, though very different in character, they are both splendid carers in their own way.

  • You never let us down

    Thank you to you all at Country Cousins for the support you have given us over the last four years. You have never let us down over the years, we have met some interesting and caring people. We have no hesitation in recommending you to other people.

  • Very pleased and happy in her care

    Can you kindly note that I was very happy with the Country Cousin who came to look after my mother and she was very happy in her care too. Very reassuring to know that she was in the capable hands of someone you could trust.