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A guide to

live-in care

Live-in care is one of the most popular types of care for the elderly and disabled. The Country Cousins live-in care service is tailor-made for the individual. This means that the right care is given to each individual whether it is for the elderly, those who require dementia care, those living with a long-term condition, individuals in need of end of life care or care for disabled adults.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through what live-in care is, the benefits of it and why we’d recommend it.


What is live-in care?

Live-in care is one of the most popular alternatives to living in a care home. Essentially, it allows those in need of care to receive it from the comfort of their own home as opposed to living in a care home facility. This allows the client to stay in their own surroundings which is often seen as more comfortable and comforting. You can stick to your own routine and if you have pets you’ll be able to keep them which means you have more company on a regular basis.



What are the benefits of live-in care?

There are many reasons why people opt to go with live-in care over living in a care home. Here’s our list of some of the top benefits of live-in care:

Your Environment - You get to live in the comfort of your own home, in an environment that you created.

Retain your independence - You can retain a certain level of independence and privacy from the comfort of your home.

Stick to your routine - If you have a routine, with live-in care you can stick to it. Your daily life stays the same, just with a little bit more support.

See your family and friends as normal - You can still see your family and friends as you normally would. They can pop round and come and go as they like.

Tailor-made care - The care you receive is bespoke and caters specifically for you and your needs. Your carer can help you as little or as much as you want.

Personal support - Your carer is your friend and they want to offer you as much personal and emotional support as you need. Want a coffee and a chat? That’s what your carer is there for.

Pets - If you have a pet you can keep them because you’re in your own home.


What is the job of a live-in carer?

Your live-in carer is there for you and your needs. They can partake in a number of household tasks to help you, it really is down to you. If there are any tasks that you like doing every now and then, they’ll leave them for you. Here’s a list of the typical jobs a carer will do for you:

Cook fresh homemade meals for you on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the nutrients that you need


Run errands and collect essentials - if you need urgent medication, they can pick it up for you


Complete household tasks


Support you when it comes to your bathing needs, dressing and toilet trips


Emotional support, friendship and companionship


Caring for your pet in a number of ways, whether it’s feeding them, walking them or just generally giving them a bit of love


These are just some of the jobs live-in carers can do for you. They can make an incredible difference in your life, meaning you can enjoy your life to its fullest.



What are the different types of live-in care available?

A live-in carer offering a helping hand

Live-in care

Round the clock assistance for those needing an extra helping hand at home.

A live-in carer providing advanced care

live-in care

Catering to those with more complicated care needs; such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

A carer offering night support care

Night-time support

Providing peace of mind, comfort, security and assistance throughout the night.

Short term care

We offer short term care to cover a number of eventualities, whether ir be for a few days or a few weeks. This may be to provide essential emergency care following an operation, to cover gaps in existing care provision, or to provide end-of-life care to a loved one.


We can provide a carer within 24 hours if necessary to cater for the unexpected, whether that be recovery from a fall or to cover gaps in care.


We take great pride in providing home care assistance that is tailored to individual needs and adapted as your loved one returns to health. 


Providing a much-needed break for many family carers, we understand the importance of providing the best possible care while you're away.

Long term care

Home care in your own home is a popular long-term alternative to residential care homes, with the majority of elderly people preferring to stay at home. The cost of care at home may also be less than you think, comparing favourably with care home fees.

Disabled adults

Our carers are experts in offering support, encouragement, and practical help to those with both visible and hidden disabilities.

Dementia care

As one of the UK’s leading dementia home care agencies, our nationwide team of carers are well-versed in supporting people with dementia.

Elderly couples

Often less costly than joint residential care, we allow couples to stay together in the comfort of their own homes and the benefits of ongoing companionship.

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